hs2_florence_fangFlorence Fang is the chairwoman of the Florence Fang Family Foundation. Previously, Mrs. Fang was the publisher of the San Francisco Examiner as well as a chairwoman for the Independent Newspaper Group, which owns fourteen local newspapers. She was at the helm of Asian Week and was served as president of the Chinese version of The Young China Daily and The China World News. She has successfully managed multiple businesses, and was twice awarded the California Woman of The Year, in 1990 and 2003. Mrs. Fang is passionate about education: in 2006, she donated millions of dollars to University of California Berkeley’s East Asian Library. She is an honorable trustee at Peking University and an honorable professor at Wuhan University. In June 2013, the Peking University opened the Florence Lee Fang building, which will serves as her dedication to teaching and promoting Chinese language and culture around the world. Mrs. Fang serves as the Honorable Chairwoman of the Flying Tiger Historical Organization. She recently donated an original C-47 airplane that once flew over “The Hump” airlift route through the Himalayas. In September 2015, this plane will fly the same Hump route from Burma, across the Himalayas, to Guilin where it will be permanently displayed at the Flying Tiger Heritage Park as a symbol of the long-standing US-China relationship.